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Web Design

Web Design

The web design techniques learned from my projects

Margin (Space) is Important

I designed a website to be 4 columns and tried to show a lot of information by using the full width of the window size. Yes, it was successful, but it looked so busy! After checking some professional websites, I just removed 1 column to make it 3 columns. And then, it became much better. Although the design had not become perfect yet, this three-column layout was much better than the crowded four-column layout with almost no page margin.

Social Media Icons with Narrow Space
Icons are Too Close to Each Other to Tap on Mobile Screen

Spacing Between Social Media Icons

When you use mobile phones, do you use your thumb or index finger? I asked my friend for feedback and she told me that the social media icons are too close to accurately tap on the mobile screen. The space between icons should be increased.

Icons with Spacing
Icons with Spacing (Google Business website, June 15, 2017) https://www.google.com/business/