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Japanese Learning Website

Japanese Learning Website Project

Current Phase: Designing

Both learning languages and creating websites are not so easy…but let’s try to do both of them at the same time! We are planning to create a website that provides very useful features that language learners would want to use. Unlike English, learning Japanese involves the process of learning the large volume of Japanese characters and some techniques on learning these would be provided.

We are looking for Japanese learners who are interested in creating a learning website. Some language learning apps that are “translation base”, unfortunately, don’t provide the information about the cultural background that is must be taught. We will include:

  • Cultural background to languages
    • Japanese culture is very different from North America. Some words would not be understood without knowing cultural differences.
  • Side story on idioms and words that are not self-explained
    • “Mujun” is an example of the word that makes more sense after learning the story.
  • There are some ideas that require programming
    • Some information can be provided by a static website, but the main reason to create with a programing language is to implement useful functions

Related Slides (Japanese)


Save the time of Japanese learners by providing a single interface to access most information needed to read, write, speak, and listen.


The following types of data would be stored in the database to effectively provide related information

Structure of Kanji (漢字の構成) / Jukugo(熟語)



  • 左右 (Left, Right)
  • 損益 (Loss, Profit)



  • 進行 (Move on, Go = Progress)
  • 早速 (Early, Fast = Right away)



  • 休日 (Rest, Day = A day off)
  • 旅客 (Travel, Customer = Passenger)



  • 乗車 (Ride, Car = Ride on the car)
  • 貯金 (Save, Money = Save money)
  • 着陸 (Arrive, Ground = Arrive the ground)



  • パン (Japanese) is known to come from “pão” (Portuguese)

API should be used.

Confusing Words to English Speakers


  • バイク (/bike/ = Motorcycle)
  • ナイーブ (naïve)
    • This can be used in a positive way in Japanese while it has a negative feeling in English.



Other Differences

The order of seasons over the year

  • Japan
    • 春夏秋冬 (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter = all the four different seasons)
    • 2018 Winter
      • This sounds like the end of 2018 as a Japanese person.
      • Actually, it meant the beginning of 2018
  • Canada
    • Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall (Any other ways to order?)







We are currently looking for new project members. If you would like to help us with one or more of the following tasks, please contact us!

  • For the current phase: Designing
    • Providing Japanese learning experience and techniques to assist in designing the website
    • Doing research on APIs
    • Web Application Development
    • Checking legal issues (mainly copyright)
    • Web Design, UX, or UI, Wireframing
    • Financing