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Post: BCIT Business Industry Showcase 2018

BCIT Business Industry Showcase 2018

Showcase with Malcolm

The BCIT Business Industry Showcase was held at BCIT. My project MouseFinder is an ASP.NET project developed in Malcolm’s Internet Business Development courses. I think everyone did a great job even in the limited time. We enjoyed students’ awesome works and networking!

カナダで、マネージメント等を学ぶことのできる職務経験者向け*のプログラムを受講しました。インターネット事業開発コースで始めたMVP(Minimum Viable Product)プロジェクト「MouseFinder」を展示会に出展いたしました。今回は時間的制限の中でどこまでできるか??というのが挑戦でした。

*プログラム詳細に”Work experience not required, but highly recommended”と書かれている。

Industry Showcase Event Place

with Malcolm (the Program Head)

This is Malcolm Ferrier, my program head. He also taught us ASP.NET and how to develop Internet businesses.


with a Classmate

He is Fred, a best friend from my class as well as a great hacker! His team created a website that shows recipes based on the ingredients you select.


Our Booth

Refreshment 1

Refreshment 2

Refreshment 3


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